Professional service innovation platform of pharmaceutical industry, focusing on Deputy and comprador , and helping small or medium medicine enterprises to make bigger and stronger .

  • YI YAO QIAN TU HUI---Bridge to success

    Information exchange and cooperation platform for the pharmaceutical industry
    Resource allocation and cooperation platform for the pharmaceutical industry

  • Convergence of high-quality resources to meet customer needs

    Online and offline exchanges and services of high quality resources at home and abroad to meet the strategic needs of domestic and foreign enterprises.

Beijing Bio-Welcome Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Beijing Bio-Welcome Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has been dedicated to provide professional business services for domestic and international pharmaceutical enterprises, particularly in the FDA and the SFDA IND, NDA, ANDA , DMF reporting and Clinical Trials, Pre-IND Meeting, Pre-NDA Meeting, Bioequivalence, etc.. Helping domestic and foreign investment institutions and pharmaceutical companies in China to look for projects in the fields of health and medicine business.

Equity financing

Based on the platform of institutional investors, the company is committed to providing professional services of private financing, in order to combine online and offline.

Mergers and Acquisitions

The company's M & A team to provide consulting services in the process of strategic alliances and acquisitions with a wealth of experience and unique understanding of the Chinese market.

Meeting planning

The Pharmaceutical Trade Union Investment's "Qian Tu Hui" focusing on the pharmaceutical industry to promote domestic and foreign investment.


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